What are the advantages of root control technology
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What are the advantages of root control technology

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To solve the technical problem of transplanting large tree seedlings with full crowns: conventional greening large seedlings must be cut to remove the crowns, otherwise it will be difficult to survive. Root control and rapid seedling raising technology uses a special seedling container to control the growth of the main root system, and promote the rapid growth of capillary roots, forming a thick and short developed root system, and the number is large, the root system is sufficiently nutritious, and the tree grows vigorously. It has roots, no need to cut heads, branches, or leaves, and can transplant large seedlings with the whole crown. It is known as a movable forest.


Solve the technical problem of survival rate: The uniquely designed root control container not only has good air permeability, but also has the unique effect of preventing root rot and taproot entanglement. With the dual function of the special root control matrix, the water and fertilizer conditions required for seedlings are well controlled, The root control container is easy to disassemble and does not damage the roots when transplanting, so the survival rate of transplanting can reach 100%, and the later management cost can be reduced by 50-70%.


Solve the technical problems that can be transplanted in all seasons: the seedlings cultivated by this technology can not afford seedlings, do not damage the roots, do not lose water, and the detachable root control container is easier to transport and carry, saving and convenient, creating four seasons for transplanting. High survival rate.



Solve the technical problems of rapid renewal of orchards: it takes at least 5 years for orchards to be renewed. Root-controlling seedling technology can be used to grow seedlings on free ground. Within 2-3 years, the ground diameter of seedlings can reach about 4 cm and the crown diameter can reach more than 1 meter. It can bloom and begin to bear fruit in a small amount. It will not damage the roots or change seedlings when transplanting, and will produce a large amount of fruit in the next year. This will ensure that the income of the fruit grower will not decrease during the orchard renewal period, and at the same time ensure that the seedlings are pure.

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