The key technology of vegetable seedling tray
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The key technology of vegetable seedling tray

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1. The characteristics of plug seedlings

1.Features: wide adaptability, can sown a variety of crops; the root system is tightly entangled with the substrate, and there is no slow seedling period after planting


2. Advantages compared with traditional seedling cultivation:

(1) Energy saving. Traditional seedling raising 100 plants/M2, plug seedling raising 700-1000 plants/M2, energy saving 2/3

(2) Save labor and effort, and have high efficiency. The traditional nursery soil tuft weighs 500-700g, and the plug substrate is less than 50g

(3) The quality of seedlings is high.

(4) Suitable for long-distance transportation.



3. The key technology of vegetable plug seedlings

Seed trays are an important carrier for seedling cultivation in plug trays. According to different materials, they are divided into polystyrene foam plug trays and plastic plug trays. The latter is more widely used. The standard size is 54cm×28cm, with 20, 50, 72, 128, 200, 288. , 400, 512 nursery holes. The selection of the number of holes in the seedlings is related to the types of vegetables and the age of seedlings.



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