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What are the advantages of control technology


To solve the technical problems of full crown transplanting seedling transplanting trees: conventional afforestation, must cut branch to the crown, otherwise it is difficult to survive. Root control fast breeding technology uses special seedling container to control root system growth, to promote rapid growth of capillary roots, short, stout, developed root system formation, and the number of large, adequate root nutrition, vigorously growing trees, transplanting seedling and root package, does not need to be beheaded, cut branches, leaf picking, can full crown transplanting seedlings, is known as mobile forest.

  Solve the problem on the survival rate of the technology: design a unique root controlling container not only has the advantages of good air permeability, but also has to prevent root rot and root wound unique effect, and control special matrix of the dual role, the seedlings needed water and fertilizer conditions are well controlled, the root controlling container convenient disassembly and transplanting not to hurt the roots, so the transplanting survival rate reached 100%. Moreover, the management cost in the later stage can reduce 50-70%.

 Solve the technical problems in the four seasons can be transplanted: seedlings cultivated by the technology, lifter, not to hurt the root, loss, removing the root controlling container, are more likely to transport, loading, easy to save, a four seasons transplanting, survival rate is high.

  Technology to solve the problem of rapid update of the orchard: Orchard renewal requires at least 5 years time, by controlled Root Seedling Technology of seedling in idle, 2-3 years seedling ground diameter up to 4 centimeters, crown diameter up to 1 meter above, has been able to flowering, a small amount of the beginning of the results, when transplanting, not to hurt the roots, not for seedlings, next year can be a large number of results, so as to guarantee in the orchard during the update, reducing the farmers income, while ensuring seedling varieties pure.

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