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Techniques for the analysis of seedling raising by using the plug tray


The use of seedling and seedling of different general:

The general breeding methods often have disease harm, and bred seedlings weak small, need to spend a lot of Gongli; the seedling disease harm is greatly reduced, save time, save the seedling skill, bred is relatively strong。

How to select the acupoints:

1、The color black is better, the opening of a square or trapezoidal. Opening forms a conical or not trapezoidal tray, the roots of the seedlings will be around growth, so for the development of the root has adversely affected; if the choice of the tray is transparent, and a higher transmission capacity, the roots were direct sunlight may die, so in the choice to black, echelon, a square tray is appropriate.

2、Number of holes on the hole. Different kinds of vegetables should choose a different number of tray; eggplant best choice for a class of 72 hole plate, and the best choice for melons 50 aperture plate, pepper, choose the best 105 aperture disk.

3、How to select the mechanism and fill the hole

How to choose the final matrix: Nursery effect is good or bad, the matrix played the most important role, and after cultured seedlings appear some quality is not good or is not neat phenomenon, very small seedlings, no suitable matrix is the biggest reason, how to choose in the matrix on the need to pay attention to the following points: first for water and matrix must have appropriate capacity, can maintain a certain effect on the water; second must have the proper porosity, in keeping water and also to ensure a certain air permeability, can provide enough water for the breeding process, as well as for pH, generally need to remain in 5.5-6 the pH value, matrix materials used must be consistent. For tray filling: first on matrix of water wet, about 60% of moisture content can be, holding a group like, but not from the finger joints in a drop of water, let go after, but also attempt to put, but the hand jab can spread. In the filling time to to uniform standard unity fill, fill into the material it is best to keep the unity of the number of planting completed in emergence can better achieve uniform, and more convenient management.

4、How to drill the matrix and the need to pay attention to the matters needing attention in the future

Kinds of vegetables of different hole depth is also different, eggplant a class need to play hole of about 1 cm, leafy vegetables in a play about 0.5 cm hole, melons, need hole of 1.5 cm; perforating depth is different is because the seed size (punch).

Before planting to avoid the spread of soil borne diseases can use this method, used the drug for prevention, using chlorothalonil solution diluted 800 times after the spray, in the holes directly into the seed.

How to cover the substrate

In the coverage if to keep around the seed proper ventilation and humidity. In Galpin can choose large particles of vermiculite, coverage is finished in order to prevent soil borne diseases and need to re-use of chlorothalonil cleaning solution spray once, attached with plastic film for water retention and remaining is waiting for seedlings grown.

How to manage the long seedling period after sowing

1、For water management: after the cover material to be poured once the water, the amount of water must be large, the requirements of the substrate fully poured through, this is to ensure that the seed germination can be better after the root.

2、Disease prevention: prevention of common diseases of Rhizoctonia, cataplexy etc. (chlorothalonil).

3、Film coverage: maintaining the water to keep the temperature, until the seed germination, soil arch began when the membrane torn off, to prevent a bud burned hot bad.

4、Keep the temperature: the temperature of greenhouse can be controlled at 28-30 degrees Celsius.

How long after seedling management

Water: the point disk seedling will rapid evaporation of water, so will be more water, but water is not too much, affected by the floods will appear leggy phenomenon. Usually sunny need daily misting twice, respectively in the morning and in the afternoon of watering, watering quantity control in about half of the hole; if it is cloudy, only in the morning of a jet on the line, remember not to a lack of water, if dry seedlings will Danian is behind the differentiation was also affected, and finally to the low yield.

Temperature: cucumber, for example, during the day to control the 25-28 degrees Celsius, the evening at around 12-15 degrees Celsius.

Prevention: carbendazim diluted 500 times solution of every 10-15 days on the spraying time, according to this for the last 2-3 times of spraying, cloudy day when in the afternoon or evening smoke machine 250-300 g / mu the was treated for smoke inhalation.

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