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Installation of the bed? The seedbed is how to install?


The seedbed is composed of a work bench, rolling body, bracket is composed of three parts. According to the determination of the working table, that is, length * width, length is determined by the length and structure of the greenhouse, but the length of the is not more than 24000mm, and the width is divided into three series:
1650mm, 1700mm, 1800mm. Bed height is about 750mm, and can be adjusted according to the ground condition. Determine bed number of stents with the bed length, interval is 2000mm a, extending from the two ends of bracket portion generally in about 1000 mm, the longest not more than 1500mm. General technology requires all parts to be anti rust treatment. The maximum load can withstand the seedbed for 500N/ square meters.
Engineering installation
According to the installation of the installation of bed bracket. According to the seedbed drawings combined rolling body and rolling body is arranged on the bed bracket. The combination bed table in the rolling body, and the laying of steel wire surface. Adjusting the rolling body and the working table, so that the working table is in the middle position, and the rotation of the rolling body can move to the left or to the right 300mm.
The installation and adjustment of the greenhouse seedbed.
Greenhouse seedbed in order, the level of the same length, direction straightness error is less than 15mm. There shall be no appearance seedbed appearance quality defects obviously. By turning the hand wheel moving workbench, 600mm operation channel is created between any two seedbed, channel error not exceeding + 50mm. The working platform shall not interfere with the pillar, central heating and other facilities in the greenhouse. Single bed test should meet the following conditions: the bed around the work table there is no burr. The bed width error not more than 10mm. The rotation handle should be flexible and the working table moves smoothly. Load test, according to the greenhouse is arranged in the greenhouse models. Each model random a, following load test; static load test: according to the area of nursery, according to 500N per square metre, to bed load 24 hours after unloading, seedbed should not have the appearance of obvious deformation. Anti rollover test: to the center line of the table, according to the load per square meter of 100N plus one side, and then turn the hand wheel, so that the table were moved to two extreme positions, the working platform shall not be tilted.

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