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The difference between nutrition and seedling nursery seedling.


Nutrition seedbed and seedling raising seedling nursery facilities (or plant breeding) two kinds of technology system, compared and the former is more suitable for China's national conditions, soil ocean, can compete in the market competition.
Nursery nutrition soil nutrition elements can be like the field seedling as retroactive at any time, therefore, on soil nutrient requirements not so severe as the container seedling, wide source of nutrition of subgrade material; seedling facilities is relatively simple. Therefore, the cost can be greatly reduced, which is generally equivalent to 50% of the cost of seedling tray seedling raising.
The overall quality of seedlings was higher than that of seedlings. The scion rootstock purity, purity, no infection, no root knot nematode, can achieve a similar level of container seedlings. The shoot growth was comparable to that of the container. Root growth and development of nursery seedlings better than, container thin root abundance and intertwined, coarse root growth and development of poor, and seedbed not only fine roots is developed, thick backbone root is well developed. Therefore, the soil colonization, any season like container seedlings, the survival rate reached 100%. Bare root bundling and long-distance transportation, winter and spring planting, the survival rate can reach 100%. 1-2 years after planting, growing faster than the container seedlings, at least one year ahead of production.
Seedbed seedlings neat degree slightly inferior in container seedlings, because the plug seedling breeding device is a strain of a bowl, in the breeding process, according to the condition and grafted rootstock growth, receive bud germination sooner or later and grafted seedlings growth status and, moving from time to time, hierarchical training, can better avoid the problem caused by the competition of seedling height and size to height is uniform.

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