• Cell pan

  • Forest cell pan

  • Nursery seedling plate

  • Turnover frame

  • Orchid dish

  • Gallon pan

  • Bi-color flowerpot

  • Fleshiness square box

  • Root control container

  • Grafting clip

  • Gardening ground cloth

  • “Drum-type” sower

Longji Plastic Industry is a domestic well-known manufacturer for seedling cultivation container and greenhouse supporting materials and equipment, the company is devoted to the research and development of vegetables, flowers, nursery stock and the like for a long time.

As the first domestic cell pan manufacturer, the independently developed brand “Longji” leading in the industry enjoys a good reputation with its stable performance, excellent quality, excellent reputation in the industry. Products are well sold all over the country and exported to Japan, Europe, the Middle East and other countries and regions....

  • Began in 1995, the domestic earlier plug tray manufacturers
  • Adhere to the "Miao based" design concept
  • The domestic well-known nursery containers and greenhouse equipment manufacturers
    • The use of seedling and seedling of different general:The general breeding methods often have disease harm, and bred seedlings weak small, need to spend a lot of Gongli; the seedling disease harm is greatly reduced, save time, save the seedling skill, bred is ...

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